Stewardship for a cleaner environment

At Cole Industrial, our commitment to preserving our environment is deeply rooted in our history and continues to be a driving force in the ways in which we conduct business.

Since our founding, we have promoted and sold the highest efficiency products available. As environmental priorities and technology have evolved, we have been fortunate to represent leaders in the fuel efficiency and heat recovery fields.

We have for many years had a policy that all responses to leads for new equipment include options for the highest efficiency/lowest emissions equipment, as well as controls or heat recovery options whenever applicable. This has greatly benefitted our customers with reduced energy costs by significantly reducing energy consumption.

It is also good business – We have consistently been ranked at or near the top in sales in respect to products that reduce emissions and save energy.

But we also practice what we preach. Through the years we have made a conscious effort to “lighten our footstep” in our daily business practices. This includes being an early adapter of numerous proactive environmentally sustainable practices including:

  • Reducing and recycling paper and other office-generated waste.
  • Recycling scrap metal and other waste generated by our field operations.
  • Re-investing in our infrastructure. We have made a conscious effort to reduce our own energy consumption at all of our facilities. For example, at our headquarters in Lynnwood, Washington, we have reduced our overall energy consumption by nearly 50 percent over the past eight years. And in 2013, we completed the installation and startup of an 11.93 KW solar panel system.

With the support of our manufacturers, vendors and customers we will continue to operate in a manner that creates an environmental and socially responsible, healthy and prosperous environment that improves the quality of life not only for ourselves, but for our customers and their businesses.