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Cole Industrial’s track record spans 50 years. We’ve served the process and comfort heating needs for companies in dozens of industries. If there’s a boiler involved, we’ve done it.

Our industry experience (a partial list)

  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture/Mint Farms
  • Airport Facilities
  • College & Universities
  • Fabricated Machinery
  • Food Processing
  • Forest Products
  • Government
  • Hospitals/Healthcare
  • Hotel/Hospitality
  • Industrial/Manufacturing
  • Laundry
  • Military Facilities
  • Nursery
  • Petroleum
  • Pharmaceutical/Bio Tech
  • Prisons/Correctional Facilities
  • Pulp Paper
  • Schools
  • Seafood Processors
  • Semiconductors
  • Shipyard
  • Transportation
  • Wineries/Breweries


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More than a half-century of boiler expertise at your service

When Carl Cole founded Cole Industrial, Inc. in 1964, he established what would eventually become the dominant resource in the Pacific Northwest for new and used boilers and boiler room equipment, rentals, parts, service, support, and training. Cole Industrial has been the exclusive manufacturers representative for the industry leader, Cleaver-Brooks, since its inception.

Today, Cole Industrial specializes in process and comfort heating equipment through our representation of world-class manufacturers of boilers, burners, heat exchangers and other boiler room equipment for nearly every application and industry. Cole remains a family-run company committed to its founding mission of providing best-in-class equipment and the highest caliber of service and support.

Count on Cole for end-to-end solutions and support

Cole Industrial serves a broad range of customers in a four-state region that includes Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska. We help companies increase boiler room efficiency, save energy, reduce downtime, and meet emissions and safety standards. From installation and training, to maintenance and repairs, to testing and compliance, we are dedicated to providing one-stop, integrated boiler room solutions. It speaks to our exceptional level of service that many of our customers have been with us since we opened our doors.

Our team

When you work in the boiler industry for as long as we have, you tend to become experts. Cole Industrial’s experienced and responsive staff includes New Products Sales Engineers, Equipment and Parts pros, Administrators, Boilermakers, and the most technically qualified Service Technicians in the business. Together, we provide outstanding sales, service and support to our wide customer base via a network of six offices throughout the region. We recognize that boiler rooms are at the heart of every organization—whether it is a school, hospital, food processor or manufacturer. It is one of those systems that are invisible when everything is working, and a big problem when something goes wrong. We work hard to help you minimize downtime and maximize your boiler room investment.

Our manufacturers lead the way in
efficiency and cost savings

Cole Industrial sells and service equipment from nearly every major manufacturer of boilers and boiler room equipment. We
are the sole manufacturers representative in the Northwest for industry leader Cleaver-Brooks.

Aldrich Boilers

Established in 1936, Aldrich Company serves the global market as a premier manufacturer of firetube boilers and water heaters. Aldrich Company researches, engineers, manufactures, and sells quality boilers and water heaters for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Aldrich Company continues our focus of providing “Quality Products by Loyal Craftsmen.


Manufactures products and systems for the reliable deployment of clean hydrocarbon fuels worldwide. Algas-SDI designs and manufactures a wide variety of LP-gas vaporizers and LP-gas-air mixers for replacing or augmenting the supply of natural gas. Algas-SDI also designs and builds natural gas-air mixers for augmenting the supply of digester gas, natural gas-air mixers for combustion process pre-mixing, and ammonia vaporizers for thermal de-NOx and industrial processes. Visit the Algas/SDI website.


Manufactures packaged boiler feed systems and deaerators to meet all boiler water-feed requirements. The company’s specialty capabilities include complex, highly engineered vertical and horizontal boiler feedwater systems in a complete range of sizes. BFS also designs and manufactures a full line of fuel oil pumping equipment for diesel generators for emergency back-up power or oil systems used as an alternate boiler fuel. Visit the BFS website.

Cannon Boiler Works

Turning wasted heat into valuable energy, Cannon manufactures flue-gas economizers custom designed for optimum heat recovery on steam boilers rated from 2,000 to 250,000 LBS/Hr. Cannon also designs and manufacturers condensing economizers, steam accumulators, heat exchangers and other engineered energy-saving products. Visit the Cannon Boiler Works website.


The world’s largest manufacturer of steam and hot water packaged boilers and boiler room equipment, including firetube boilers ranging in size from 15 Boiler Horsepower (BHP) to 1,500 BHP (518 LBS/Hr to 51,750 LBS/Hr), commercial and industrial watertube boilers from 36 BHP to 14,500 BHP (1,237 LBS/Hr to 500,00 LBS/Hr) and electric boilers from 9 kW to 3,375 kW. Cleaver-Brooks also manufactures deaerators, economizers, blowdown systems, water treatment equipment, burners and stacks. Visit the Cleaver-Brooks website.

Hubbell Electric Water Heater Company

From offshore/marine integrated electric water heating systems to foodservice booster water heaters, Hubbell is the top manufacturer and engineer of customized water heaters for a multitude of industries and applications. Whether you need a certified tepid water heater for emergency fixtures or an explosion resistant water heater for use in hazardous locations, we are able to find a solution to your water heating concerns. Visit Hubbell’s Website.

Jeremias Exhaust Systems

Jeremias is one of the world`s leading manufacturers of flue and chimney systems for the exhaust of gases and ventilation, covering all kinds of domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Jeremias Group product range includes 50 different CE or UL certified systems covering commercial and domestic applications complimented by freestanding Industrial steel chimneys up to 10 feet in diameter. Jeremias offers its clients a wide range of high quality products, technical support for projects, and stack sizing software. Here in North America, Jeremias Inc. focuses on only high pressure exhaust systems for commercial and industrial applications. Visit the Jeremias website.

Penn Separator

A leading manufacturer of blowdown separators, flash separators, blowdown tanks, and blowdown heat recovery systems for removing water from steam and other vapors and safely handling boiler blowdown while controlling thermal pollution. Penn Separator’s certified ASME Code Sec. VIII Div. 1 welding shop also manufactures Blowoff Tanks, Exhaust Heads and Silencers, and Entrainment Separators. Visit the Penn Separator website.


Manufactures a variety of electric boilers and auxiliary equipment in carbon and stainless steel. Sussman specializes in applications from 6 kW to 5,000 kW in both steam and hot water. Typical applications for Sussman boilers include laboratories, brewing and baking industries and steam cleaning. Sussman also manufactures electric steam superheaters. Visit the Sussman website.

Vapor Power International

As one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of boilers, packaged steam generators and thermal fluid heaters, Vapor Power International has everything you need to keep your boilers operating in top condition. That includes complete retrofit upgrade kits to outfit your boilers with the latest in controls and components. With over a century of experience generating steam and heat for the most demanding applications, Vapor Power has a deep knowledge of steam requirements, which is engineered in their heritage. Vapor Power’s products are durable, reliable and deliver the robust performance customers expect. Visit the Vapor Power website.

Proud member of the American Boiler Manufacturer Association


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