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Our customers rely on Cole Industiral’s end-to-end services to maximize their boiler room investment. Here’s how our service team helps solve the most common boiler equipment issues our customers face.

Reduce downtime

Take care of your boiler, and it will serve you well for decades to come. Preventative maintenance is the best method to protect your facility from unscheduled boiler room downtime. We recommend tune-ups on a semi-annual basis for boiler plants and quarterly for processing facilities. Our service technicians provide documentation for your records. Specific preventative measures to reducing boiler room downtime include pressure vessel repair and retubing, repairing heat exchangers, replacing worn gaskets/reseals, refractory repair and replacement, throat liner tiles, and hydrostatic testing.

Meet safety and compliance requirements

Cole Industrial’s maintenance services can help your facility meet government- and insurance-mandated safety and compliance requirements. Our technicians know and work with local inspectors to help identify real-time solutions to problems. We are qualified to prepare your facility for inspection and modify boiler equipment as necessary for compliance. We also conduct pre-emptive safety checks and recommend them on a semi-annual basis. Our technicians will check steam, water, fuel and air controls and review the burner flame detection system.

Lower emissions

For many companies, reducing emissions means replacing or refueling boiler systems. Cole Industrial can perform these services. Cole supplies low NOx solutions, resulting in lower emissions without sacrificing boiler performance. Our service technicians can install new controls and implement fuel conversions to lower emissions and save energy. Since boiler conversion projects can take some time, we can provide rental boilers and boiler accessory equipment to minimize any downtime.

Save energy and increase efficiency

Cole Industrial’s services can help you increase the efficiency and reliability of the boiler equipment you already own. Our technicians can provide audits, evaluations and payback analysis on heat recovery systems, steam trap, condensate handling and steam efficiency. We also perform economizer upgrades and control conversions to help meet your boiler efficiency goals. And don’t forget that regularly scheduled tune-ups are the first step to increasing fuel efficiency.

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