Steam Specialties


Types: Blowdown Separators and Blowdown Tanks

Typical uses/applications: Used to safely separate steam from blowdown water prior to discharge into waste system

Capacities: for 1/2 million BTU boiler’s on up

Exhaust Silencers

Types: Exhaust heads, Single and Multiple pass silencers

Typical uses/applications: Separate water from steam from blowdown and/or to reduce noise levels of all types of exhaust steam

Capacities: 2” to 24” diameter exhaust inlet size

Flash Separators

Types: Flash Steam

Typical uses/applications: To separate steam and hot condensate for use in process

Capacities: 1,000 to 100,000 Lbs/HR

Inline Steam Separators

Types: Vertical and Horizontal

Typical uses/applications: To clean steam, air, and other gasses.

Capacities: 10 to 1 million SCFM

  • Cleaver-Brooks Cole Industrial
  • Penn Separator - Cole Industrial


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