New Fuel Oil Systems

  • NFPA 70
  • Separate low voltage and UL508 high voltage panels
Day Tanks
  • Single wall, single wall with rupture basin, double wall
  • Instrumentation: monitor/control 4 or 5-point level switch, visual tank level indicator
  • EPA compliant leak detection systems, return pumps
Oil Filtration

Types: Mechanical and Chemical treatment systems.

Typical uses/applications: to treat or “polish” oil used as a standby fuel by removing water and particulate and with biocide treatment.

Capacities: 100 to 3000 Gallons per hour

Fuel types: All types of fuel oil.

Oil Pump Sets


  • Duplex, triplex, and larger pump sets
  • Standard “suction pumps” and “submersible pumps”
  • Can include fuel oil heater or cooler

Associated Fuel Oil Components

  • Tank selection valves: manual safe, semi-automatic and automatic
  • Foot valves, anti-siphon valves, fire-safe shutoff valves
  • Main fuel tank and day tank gauging
  • Fuel heaters and coolers

Power: Single phase and three phase as applicable

Typical uses/applications: Transfer of fuel oil from storage tank to day tank, or from day tank to boilers/generators

Capacity:  Pumps range from 36 GPH to 3,000 GPH (0.6 GPM to 50 GPM)

Fuel types: #2 oil diesel, #1 oil DFA (arctic diesel), JP8, heavy oils and related fuels

  • BFS Industries - Cole Industrial
  • Critical Fuel Systems Fuel Oil Systems Cole Industrial


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Fuel Oil Systems

In addition to providing chemical energy for the boiler or generator to convert, diesel fuel serves as a lubricant for the pumps and lubrication/cooling for the injectors of engine generators.