Commercial Burners

Types: Forced draft

Capacity: 600 MBH to 16.8 million BTU input

Typical uses/applications: Wide array of applications in providing combustion for steam boilers, hot water boilers, thermal fluid units and direct-fired furnaces.

Emissions: Available down to <9 PPM Low NOx

Fuel types: Natural gas, propane, #2-#6 oil, and combination

Industrial Burners

Types: Industrial register design, forced draft package design

Capacity: 3,400 MBH to 600 million BTU input

Typical uses/applications: Steam and hot water applications for industrial process, waste heat, sterilization, power and utilities, hospitals and healthcare, refineries and petrochemical, and building heat.

Emissions: Available down to <7 PPM Low NOx

Fuel types: Natural gas, propane, waste/digester gas, #2-#6 oil, alternate and combination fuels

Duct Burners

Types: In-line

Capacity: 10 to 500 million BTU input

Typical uses/applications: Supplements turbine in HRSG applications in cogeneration and combined cycle market.

Emissions: Available down to < 7 PPM low NOx

Fuel types: Natural gas, propane

  • Cleaver-Brooks Cole Industrial
  • Industrial Combustion Boiler Burners Cole Industrial
  • Natcom Boler Burner Cole Industrial


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Advanced control technologies such as parallel-positioning, oxygen trim and variable speed drives can enhance burner performance and improve efficiency.