ClearFire-CE Condensing Boiler

The Next Generation ClearFire®-CE Hydronic Boiler

This high-mass compact fully condensing hydronic boiler is capable of variable-flow pumping which allows for maximum operating efficiency in a variety of system applications.

If you want reliability and efficiency in a hydronic boiler, the ClearFire-CE has a proven design with the same high-mass firetube design with stainless steel tubes and thermal shock proof pressure vessel for guaranteed long life.

We make it easy!  The ClearFire-CE hydronic boiler is compact, preassembled and fits through a standard door.  It’s easy to maintain and works on all heating systems without complicated valving or extra pumps.

The dual-return connections have the ability to increase condensing in the boiler and raise efficiencies by 6%+ more than a single-return boiler.

All that, and the operating efficiencies achieve up to 99% and less than 20 ppm NOx emissions comes standard.

Increase Efficiency and Dependability

A local elementary school improved efficiency and reliability by replacing existing units with (2) ClearFire-CE 1500 and (2) ClearFire-C units.

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