Customer resources

We’ve compiled resources and guide sheets to help you more efficiently operate your boiler room equipment, learn about compliance standards and requirements, and maximize your investment.

Clean Air Act Standards

Standards are changing. Is your boiler room compliant? Learn more about recent amendments to the law for both major source and area source boilers.

Emissions 101

Why controlling emissions matters, and ways to control emissions to improve air quality and optimize boiler operations. For the technically minded, this is a wealth of information. Learn more.

Regulatory Agencies

Regulation of packaged boiler emissions is mandated by the Federal Clean Air Act Amendments. Use this helpful list of agencies to learn more.

Technical Guide

All the measurements and conversions you regularly need but never seem to have handy, compiled in one place. View the Technical Guide.

Manufacturer Tools

Get sizing information and other useful reference materials straight from our manufacturers.

Terms & Conditions

Find everything you need to know about Cole Industrial Terms and Conditions.